PediSpa Foot Exfoliator® By EuropeanBeauty

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PediSpa Foot Exfoliator® By EuropeanBeauty

PediSpa Foot Exfoliator® By EuropeanBeauty

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#1 Pain-Free Way To Get Beautiful Feet

Get super smooth callus free feet that feel amazingly soft!

Your feet take some beating everyday and keeping them in fabulous shape as part of your beauty routine is just as important as that daily moisturizer or any hair treatment you do.

Calluses on your feet especially around your heel are not only unsightly but can cause you severe pain especially when the skin becomes cracked and dry.

Removing those stubborn calluses and dead skin is vital for healthy feet and the Foot Spa Callus Remover was designed to leave you with smooth soft skin for gorgeous feet.

This home spa tool was designed to be simple to use and easy to carry with you so you can always have smooth pedicured feet.

What it is:

A battery powered pedicure tool you can carry anywhere that gently removes tough calluses and dead skin from your feet without pain or discomfort.

What it does:

Calluses form on your feet when they experience a lot of friction and pressure. If you spend a lot of time on your feet at work chances are your feet are suffering the consequences.

The Foot Spa Callus Remover was engineered to gently remove these calluses and dead skin from your feet painlessly and without discomfort. Powered by battery the uniquely designed roller spins and removes dead skin cells and tough hardened calluses from every part of your foot.

This tool is suitable for even the most sensitive feet so don’t worry if you are ticklish. The Foot Spa Callus Remover was designed for comfort and will not cause uncomfortable tickling sensations.

The rollers can be detached easily for simple cleaning after every use and the ergonomic non-slip handle makes sure you have maximum comfort while using it.

What else you need to know:

The Foot Spa Callus removal tool comes highly recommended by podiatry specialists as an effective home treatment for calluses and hard skin removal. The results are professional quality and can save you hundreds of dollars on expensive spa treatments.

Research results:

The Foot Spa Callus Remover can successfully remove 78% of an extreme callus from the first use. In tests conducted with chronic callus sufferers such as nurses and people working in the service industry the results over 3 weeks of treatment were 98% successful in removing calluses completely.