EuropeanBeauty's Ultra Bright Teeth Whitening Pen

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EuropeanBeauty's Ultra Bright Teeth Whitening Pen

EuropeanBeauty's Ultra Bright Teeth Whitening Pen

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The #1 Best Teeth Whitening System on the Planet!

Everyone loves to see a bright white smile. Having a dazzling smile and pearly white teeth will make people more attracted to you and even build more trust with someone.

A great smile is a must if you want to get that promotion at work or even that hottie you’ve had your eye on for months. Just flash them a winning smile and the world is your oyster.

However, professional whitening can be time consuming and very expensive. Wouldn’t it be great if there were a whitening solution available at your fingertips that gives you professional whitening results in minutes that costs a fraction of expensive dental whitening?

How To Use:

Step 1 : Simply paint it on your teeth, let it dry for a minute and wake up to the smile of your dreams. No unpleasant taste or sensitivity.

Step 2 : Toss one in every bag to whiten on the go, it’s the perfect way to touch up after a cup of coffee or when you're out on a date.

Introducing The Portable Whitening Pen…

  • Uses a Unique Teeth Whitening Gel

  • Applies In Seconds

  • Delivers Professional Results at Home

  • Is Safe and Easy To Use


Deionized Water, Peroxide, Glycerin, Potassium Sortbate, Ploysorbate 20, Triethanolamine, Carbomer, EDTA

The portable whitening pen is handy to use and will remove stains and yellowness from your teeth to give you a brighter white smile. Add the Portable Whitening Pen  to your cart right now and let those pearly whites shine.