European Beauty's Waterproof All Day Matte Lipstick FAQ

Getting The Most Out of Your Lipstick

Watch This Before Applying Your Liquid Lipstick:



How To Apply

1. You Must Exfoliate your lips first ( Sugar mixed with coconut oil, olive oil for 30 seconds )
2. You Must Moisturize ( Lip Balm, Coconut Oil, Chapstick ) 
3. Use a lip liner (not necessary but helpful)

Important Information you NEED to know!

1. You MUST Exfoliate your lips with a simple sugar and coconut / olive oil mix before applying 

1. Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize, with coconut oil, lip balm, chapstick, before or after applying our liquid lipsticks if your lips are feeling too dry!

2. You don't need a lot, just 1 layer is enough.

3. Please take the time to put it on carefully.

4. Don't double coat when dried - Once it's dry and you apply a new coat it will be crumbly like there's powder on your lips.

5. Don't eat anything greasy.


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